private residence complex in drafi, attika
€ 1,000,000
constructon managment
construction supervision
construction documentation
design development
preliminary design

This two houses complex was designed by EB/Architects for the families of two New Jersey US raised sisters that repatriated and established a business together in Athens. One of the most important characteristics of the project was about the shape and the slope of the plot which is actually a narrow and extremely steep strip of land, accessed by two roads, one on the top and the other on the base of the plot.

Another critical aspect was related to the floor ratio regulations and the allowed Built Up Area that would not permit for more than 90m2 in each level of the buildings. As a result, a design of two 4 level houses was suggested with the first one located on the top of the hill accessed from it’s upper level provisioning the car park area in one the building’s roofs. The lower one is accessed by the bottom road through the garage area.

Both houses share some common characteristics, design and construction-materials wise, following a simple but visually effective rule: -Volumes that are closer or embedded to the ground are treated as solid concrete cubical forms defined by the rules of gravity which they fail to defeat, while -Volumes on the upper levels appear lighter, made-up by steel sections and glass that formulate “bold” and “airy” balcony constructions that provide almost panoramic views to the surrounding hills.