Quantification BIM Estimation

BIM Quantification is the process of utilizing information embedded in the BI Model’s elements regarding their count, size, area, volume and other measurable attributes such as weight or density to create dynamically updated schedules that remain consistent throughout the project. Compared to the manual process which is prone to human errors and can require up to 80% of a cost estimator’s time, BIM can provide accurate and automated quantification, and assist in significantly reducing variability in cost estimates.

BIM originated quantifications and cost estimations are beneficial for the project in every phase of its’ Life Cycle from Conception to Operations & Maintenance. Developing an automated quantification and cost estimation procedure is depended on using a consistent framework to organize the many components that constitute a building. EB/A BIM Team’s familiarity with classifications systems such as UniFormat, MasterClass, OmniClass and UniClass,and an extensive Library of related templates is a guarantee

of efficiency and accuracy in the quantification process.When a project specific Bill of Quantities is provided, EB/A BIM Team will classify BI Model’s elements according to this catalogue and provide schedules and estimations in this particular taxonomy basis. Bi-directional linking of the pricing data base with the BIM originated quantification provides the opportunity of a dynamic, real time evaluation of cost related scenarios, as part of an advanced Value Engineering process.