Design Coordination /Clash Detection

One of the most critical factors, defining budget and time scheduling efficiency in a construction project, is about coordination of disciplines, systems and trades. The manual approach of coordinating 2D drawings, trying to identify conflicts among graphical representations of the construction appearing in countless of documents produced by several disciplines and trades, is time consuming and prone to human errors. 2D documents developed in isolated IT environment are often modified way beforevisual coordination is completed, and this is the main reason why 2D  

documentation most of the time will reach the construction time inefficiently coordinated, resulting in unwished RFIs, surprising mistakes and significant budget and time related losses. BIM Clash detection process has the ability to automatically identify elements taking the same place in the digital environment following predefined rules. BIM Project team will append BI Models regarding any possible discipline and trades in a single composite BIM “pit-software” and execute the Clash Detection tests according to the project specific BIM Execution Plan. A solid protocol will be implemented  

so that interferences bringing no consequences to the construction will be excluded, while the important ones will be accordingly classified and prioritized. Clash Reports will be issued and distributed in the designers’ team complete of information necessary to identify and confront the several conflicts. Regardless of the complexity of the design, BIM Project team will manage the whole Clash Resolving process until an error free BI Model is handed over to the contractors’ team, enhancing constructability and inspiring confidence on execution.