3D Scanning /Point Cloud Modeling

When it comes to the task of surveying the geometry of an existing building or an infrastructure element, there is no other technology more compatible to BIM, than 3D Laser Scanning technology. By using 3D Laser Scanning all inadequacies related to the traditional methods are resolved: •Survey is complete and thorough as the 3D scanner will capture whatever it “sees” in an accuracy of 2mm •Survey is fast, no need of countless sketches and “manual” measurements.•Survey will be consistent  

even in areas of the construction that are un-reachable for the surveyor as long as they have “eye-contact” with the scanning device. EB/A BIM Team will use the latest 3D scanning technology has to offer, to produce Point Cloud Models of existing constructions or artifacts, whatever their size or complexity is. Then, they will import these Point Cloud Models in the BIM authoring tools and use it as a trace to produce accurate, parametric and “intelligent” BIM elements that can also act as placeholders of valuable information.

The resulting BI Model will be accurate and reliable, representing the existing conditions in the most accurate way, whatever the purpose may be: •To support a renovation-rehabilitation project, •To support implementation of BIM to Operations and Maintenance of existing facilities, •To verify accuracy in constructed elements, •To ensure compatibility in assembled components with minimum tolerance, •To capture the complex geometry of archeological finds, and much more.