BIM/COBie Handover

COBie (Construction Operations Building information exchange) is a vendor-neutral industry standard that describes both product (COBie Spreadsheet) and process of collecting and validating building lifecycle data during design, construction and commissioning. Instead of requiring only the handover of paper documents containing equipment lists, product data sheets, warranties, spare part lists, and other information, the COBie process provides a standardized electronic delivery of the information that is essential to support the operations, maintenance, and the management

of the facilities assets by the owner and/or property manager. The COBie process is highly integrated with Building Information Modeling. Data specified by COBie can be assigned to BI Models’ elements, and then exported in COBie Spreadsheet format. In the opposite manner, with the utilization of specialized BIM software like EcoDomus PM, data recorded in COBie format, can be imported in BIM tools like Revit, and populate the Model elements’ database. EB/A BIM Team will develop the As-Built Model at the handover stageto ensure that:

•it will contain all the spatial and asset elements that need to be managed , maintained or serviced, •it will have, all the information that is necessary for the Operation and Maintenance of the facility, assigned to the Models’ elements according to the COBie specification. The most important value of the COBie database is that it can be carried by the BI Model, imported in, and automatically consumed by the Facilities Management CAFM or CMMS IT solutions, enhancing Operations and Maintenance activities.