“How are we going to add Value to this Project?” 

This is the first and most important question you will hear in a kick-off meeting in EB/Architects' office  once a new project is commenced. And it will be repeated many times until the clients' vision has been fully comprehended and the primary objectives of EB/Architects' contribution are identified in detail. Weather it is about providing a striking conceptual approach like in the case of the Herakleion Cruisers Terminal or about supporting the realization of an architectural

masterpiece like in the case of Renzo Pianos' Stavros Niarchos Cultural Center EB/Architects' dedication to aligning clients' needs and vision with a wide range of expertise, skills and talent within projects’ team, remains a paramount priority and a determinant key performance indicator. EB/Architects expand their limits beyond the expected, by developing first and foremost, their selves. "Invest in yourself. No other form of investment will pay you back, in a more profitable way", is the most common piece of advice offered to the new members of the team

from those that have already embraced the EB/Architects' culture. Being the leader in the implementation of Building Information Modeling in their country, EB/Architects have successfully utilized new technologies and incorporated the outcomes of intensive research to provide a wide range of Architectural Services that are governed by efficiency in relation to the budget and time scheduling, innovation in design approach and sustainability consciousness.