EB/Architects’ BIM Team approach regarding Building Information Modeling is based on the concept that this innovated technology is justified only when it provides proved benefits to the project. The most critical asset regarding this target is the human resources of the team. The EB/A BIM Team successful BIM methodology is the outcome of intensive investment in the human factor and the building-up of the team in correspondence to the real project requirements.

EB/Architects’ Team consists of Architects / Engineers with deep experience in design and supervision of complex and demanding projects, and a background of direct nvolvement with the actual projects design and field requirements. This background is the basis of a solid competitive advantage in critical areas of the process, regarding the communication and cooperation with all project’s stakeholders.

BIM PROJECT is a dedicated Building Information Services Platform initiated by EB/Architects, driven by the vision to make BIM tools and processes to work for the real needs of the real projects.“BIM PROJECT’s primary focus is research, BIM workflows and solutions to the actual needs of the AEC industry. In cooperation with;Longland Development “BIM PROJECT” services are also available in the UK.