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The Iasmos retail shop was the second building designed by EB/Architects to host the Jumbo franchise, but yet the first one to be awarded directly from the Clients’ development partner, “PDP/Proestakis Development of Projects S.A.” ( Having the Client and the Project Manager on board from the kick-off stage of the project, provided EBA team a great opportunity to fit the design approach to specific retailers’ needs and development concept.

This has been an “inside-out” design approach, meaning that the merchandize shelves layout rules, and the request of maximum utilization of selling areas, has determined the allocation of spaces and functions in an extremely tight and awry envelope, defined by urban regulation boundaries and the irregular shape of the plot. This project has also been a turning point for PDP company who totally embraced and supported the implementation of Building Information Modeling for the first

time in the Project Management Process assigning EB/Architects with the task to manage and execute an ambitious plan of educating the key stakeholders of the project (designers, project manager and steel manufacturer) in the BIM approach and workflows. Arguably, the Iasmos project has been the first holistically BIM designed project in Greece incorporating Architectural, Structural and MEP Modeling.