EB/Architects approach in Landscaping and Open Spaces design follows the same principles as in the case of Architectural Design of Buildings and Interiors. Shapes and outlines of hardscape and planted areas are the outcome of an analysis process that combines functional, environmental, symbolic, as well as constructability and material supply considerations.

The articulation of sub-elements and areas of the open spaces designed by EB/Architects follows a scenario of intersected activities such as: leisure, relaxation, meditation, joyful play, out-door fitness, concentration, communication, socializing, participation, gathering, expression etc. always in context with the characteristics of the specific “topos”.

Pivotal element of the design approach is also Sustainability and Ecology, not only as a “concentric” approach focusing in orientation of spaces, shading elements, materials and the selection of planting items but also as an “extrovert” factor impacting the microclimate of the surrounding urban areas.