A need for a higher level of interaction between the architectural practice and sustainable design strategies and specialized energy analysis, formulated the need for the establishment of new company, closely related to EBArchitects, which focuses on all sustainability related project aspects. Symbion was the outcome of this endeavor, established in 2009 and has carried out a series of specialized energy analyses and feasibility studies since then, using state of the art technologies and software.

Various aspects of environmental design are the focus of Symbion, including architectural design and construction management for new buildings or existing buildings focusing on improved energy performance, consulting services for sustainable design strategies, building and open space energy analysis, natural and artificial lighting design, CFD wind flow and temperature analysis, energy virtualisation and modeling, construction documentation, material and systems specifications, coordination and management of passive design constructions, as well as building energy fuel consumption auditing and monitoring.

Additionally, Symbion is the official reseller of DesignBuilder in Greece and Cyprus, which is one of the most advanced and widely used environmental analysis tools. Along the context of providing support and training for the software, several seminars and lectures have been carried out to major institutes and academic establishments, including some of the most important Universities in Greece.